Token Payments

All of Paystream's solutions provide the option to store a credit card for future use by returning a token in the transaction response. The token is a randomly generated string of characters that merchants can store within their records. Payments can then be processed at anytime by sending through the token and the amount you would like to debit from the card via our Direct API.

Businesses using token payments with Paystream include:

  • ISP's that bill customers monthly based on their data usage
  • Auction sites that debit the successful bidder
  • Companies that wish to trigger regular payments from their own system
  • Utilities with customers that allow for their invoice to be automatically debited from their card
  • Online retailers that allow subsequent orders to be paid for with a previously used card

Key Benefits

  • Outsource your PCI DSS Compliance requirements to Paystream
  • Streamline repeat payments
  • Improve cash flow by automatically processing payments for your customers invoices

Developer Resources

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