Recurring Payments

Paystream provides the ability for merchants to debit their customers the same amount on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or any other regular time interval. Merchants can add the payment subscription to our records, and the payment will be processed automatically on the scheduled dates.

Paystream uses web hooks to automatically notify a merchants application when a payment has been approved, when a credit card has expired, or if a transaction has been declined. Web hooks is the easiest way for merchants to implement a fully automated recurring payment process.

Businesses scheduling recurring payments with Paystream include:

  • Insurance companies collecting monthly premiums
  • Fitness gyms collecting regular membership payments
  • Charities accepting ongoing donations
  • Schools providing installment plans for fees
  • Providers of magazine subscriptions

Key Benefits

  • Outsource your PCI DSS Compliance requirements to Paystream
  • Improve cash flow by automatically processing payments when they are due
  • Easily update an existing subscription payment

Developer Resources

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